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i Can Bike Day 1

Wow!  Day 1 of i Can Bike and we are totally hooked!  Olivia had an amazing time riding the special roller bike today.  It’s a regular bike in front, and then has a roller in the back that simulates the feeling of balancing on a two-wheeler, but with a lot more stability.  (The pictures probably do a better job of showing what it’s like…)  The size of the rollers can be changed to gradually create less stability as the riders learn to balance the bike more independently.


Olivia’s “spotters”, volunteers Tina and Lauren, were fabulous and the smiles on all three faces really show what this program is all about.  Parent volunteers are asked to work with someone other than their own child, so I have the privilege of working this week with a very sweet, funny, and sassy young lady named Aubrey.  She definitely kept me smiling today, as well!

2014-06-23 12.50.17

Tomorrow is “Tandem Tuesday.”  In addition to continuing on the roller bikes, all the riders will have the opportunity to ride on a tandem bike with one of the instructors.  This helps them further analyze each child’s readiness to move to a smaller roller or on to the previously elusive two wheeler (insert oohs and aahs here).  Needless to say, Olivia is beyond excited!  I think we might all be going to sleep with her newly composed song in our heads, “I’m gonna ride a bi-ike!  I’m gonna ride a bi-ike!”  (It’s better when you hear it live, I promise!).

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